About our company.
Warren, owner of Valley Mason Supply, shares the company’s long history. A family business whose continued success is the result of dedicated employees and quality, knowledgeable service.

It all started with my grandfather.

In the early 1950s my grandfather, Warren S. Hinchman decided to venture from truck driver to entrepreneur.  He started "Warren Hinchman Concrete Co."  in Wayne, NJ with little money but lots of determination. At the time there was little to no automation, the cement, which was later turned into concrete, was picked up in 100 lb bags at the train station, always at night, hand loaded into a pickup truck, brought to the plant, and hand dumped into the silo! With the help of my "no nonsense" grandmother Dorothy, their hard work paid off, and their company grew throughout the 1950s and 1960s.


My father joins the business.

My father, Warren R. Hinchman, began working with my grandfather in the early 1960s, with the same determination that was no doubt taught to him by my grandfather. Knowing both my father and grandfather, the family could have been extremely wealthy had reality TV been popular at the time!

My grandfather passed away in 1980 at the ripe old age of 84. As you might expect, he worked into his mid 70s still driving a truck, and outworking men half his age! My father guided the company through the good times and the bad times of the 1970s, never wavering from what got him to where he was, grit and determination.


The move to Vernon.

In 1976, my dad decided to move from the rented piece of property where the business was born to a concrete plant that was for sale in Vernon, NJ. Most of his employees followed along, as loyal to him as he had been to them for many years. In a business known for tremendous employee turnover, my father always preached that good employees were the most important part of a business. Once again, through good times and bad, he prospered one day at a time, but kept his vision clearly on the future.


The Hinchman Family.
Left to right, top row: my dad Warren R. Hinchman; my grandmother Dorothy Hinchman; my grandfather Warren S. Hinchman.
Bottom row: my mom Joan Hinchman; my wife Vicki Hinchman; me, Warren R. Hinchman, Jr. And down in the front on my wife's lap is 4th generation Hinchman, my son Austin.


Time to join the family business.

I'm proud to say my name is Warren R Hinchman Jr. and I started working with my dad in 1978. We quickly found out that although I was determined and hard working, I had not inherited my grandfather's or dad's truck driving skills. I was quickly taken from the road to the office, where I answered phones and took orders for concrete. As the calls came in, I noticed many people had requests for products other than concrete, such as block, brick and sand. Having 14 acres and only utilizing a couple, we had more than enough space to house these products. The logical next step was to try and sell some. To make a long story bearable, we sold the concrete company in 1984 and went full bore into masonry, and later landscape supplies and have never looked back.


Our employees maintain our tradition of success.

Today, using the same methods that my father and grandfather used, we have built a great staff of employees, most of which have been with me for a long time. Roger Ribeiro, the main man behind Valley Mason Supply for the past 10 years. Tom Miani, the guy who has been taking orders and running the sales office. Jay Black, who runs the yard and Paul Deluca, keeping the finances straight.